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Hotel Clipper Pesaro

Whether it’s a leisure or business stay, at the Hotel Clipper in Pesaro you find everywhere, lots of smiling people ready to welcome you.

You will feel the warmth of the Gasparini Family that has cared about your vacation for over 50 years.

A combination of innovation and tradition, attention to quality and Art Nouveau environments, like the freedom to spend days without restrictive schedules, in complete relaxation.

We are in a strategic position: 87 steps from the beach, a few more steps from the historic center and very close to the suggestive Monte San Bartolo National Park (overlooking the sea).

The awakening is very sweet with the smell of bread, cakes, freshly baked pastries and many other delicacies that we prepare every morning for our super breakfast.

At the Clipper we take care of everything, to give you many emotions to keep in your heart!

The Gasparini Family

A story that has been going on since 1971

“It was the splendid 1960s when the barely 18-year-old Caride Gasparini, passionate about ”hôtellerie” and tourism, set off as a ”commis” for the luxurious cruise ships that sailed from New York to the islands of Central America. The climb to ”demi-chef de rang” and eventually to ”chef de rang”was quick, just as his passion for the job and for hospitality was growing. During one of the sailing breaks, Caride met the young Anna, who was still in high school. After seven years, the time came for Caride to stop in his hometown and he took the opportunity to take over the management of the Hotel Clipper, which was considered a luxury hotel at the time. Anna immediately started working with him.

Thus began, in 1971, the long history of the Gasparini management, made up of experience, hospitality, the search for quality, attention to detail and family warmth.

One note that remains in the heart is for Caride’s parents: Rina and Giuseppe Gasparini, who for over forty years have been strong pillars in helping to carry on the hard work without ever tiring.

She a great cook capable of creating the best typical dishes with flavors that are lost in time and still echo in the memories of our guests who have known us for a long time.

He, a tireless perfectionist with golden hands, attentive to the maintenance of the hotel and always ready to repair every little break.

Since then, the Clipper has regularly undergone regular remodeling and renovations and has been kept up with the times, which have not detracted from its innate elegance and unmistakable ‘Liberty’ style.

Over time, the children have also taken over: Vanessa and Roberto.

The Clipper is the hotel that has somewhat defined Pesaro’s tourism history since its inception, and today we like to call it simply that, because it is a bit like us: Elegantly Informal!”

In 2023 the Clipper returns to its origins, returning to being a first-class hotel and regaining its fourth star.

Today we like to define it simply like this, because it’s a bit like us: Elegantly Informal

from the city center and the sea

We are in a strategic position: 87 steps from the beach, a few more steps from the historic center and very close to the suggestive Monte San Bartolo National Park (overlooking the sea).

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The rooms
Free to choose, free to dream

To enjoy your holiday to the fullest you have to sleep well and be comfortable, don’t you? For this reason, among the hotels in Pesaro, the Clipper is ideal, because it has many comforts and different types of rooms within which to choose your favourite accommodation. Choose the best solution for you.

Our Breakfast, an experience you must try!
We pamper you from early morning

“A Breakfast Experience” to live and share

We want to spoil you from the start of the day, because at the Clipper, breakfast is a special moment, capable of enrapturing and seducing all five senses and even the heart.

We think that getting the day off to the best possible start is the foundation for experiencing a fantastic vacation in the Marche region.

In the shady veranda overlooking the sea, the pleasure of the eyes joins the delights of the palate in a  triumph of flavors.

Sweet and savory temptations every fresh day, strictly made by our pastry chef. A zero km corner, with top quality products from our territory, will whet your appetite. 

Coffee and cappuccinos made to perfection in our coffee bar and served at the table by our wait staff.

Plus fruit, yogurt, cereals, seeds and grains, cheese, cold meats, fresh bread and much more.

We also point out the availability of gluten-free products and on request also for other food intolerances.

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The ultimate in service and professionalism in hotels in Pesaro

Whether it’s a beach vacation, a short weekend break or a business trip, here at the 4-star Hotel Clipper in Pesaro you will always find the utmost helpfulness, passion and professionalism from the entire staff with many services dedicated to every type of traveller.

Pesaro and surroundings
not only the sea, discover the hinterland dotted with villages

Our hotel in Pesaro is a perfect base for discovering all the picturesque corners that this city and the rich hinterland of the Marche region have to offer. The hotel is just 70 meters from the beach.

From the boundless views of Monte San Bartolo, to the medieval villages that dot the hills, to the history that enlivens the center of Pesaro. All within a few kilometers from the hotel and easy to reach. All within a few kilometers from the hotel and easy to reach.

Would you like to receive some advice on plotting the perfect itinerary for your tastes? Contact us, we will be happy to help!

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leaf gallery of your next vacation in Pesaro

Photos are the best way to decide if a place is right for you. We have collected a small selection of photos of the hotel so that you can get inside the hotel even before you book.

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