Sea, hinterland, medieval villages and ancient charms

Our hotel in Pesaro is a perfect base for discovering all the picturesque corners that this city and the rich hinterland of the Marche region have to offer. The hotel is just 70 meters from the beach.
The hotel is just 70 meters from the beach.

The center of Pesaro is just a short walk from our hotel, so you won’t need to move your car from our private parking lot (for a fee) and you can get around comfortably on foot or with the bicycles we provide.

Nearby points of interest
  • Beach (70 m)
  • Big Tomato Sphere (500 m)
  • Ducal Palace (850 m)
  • Rocca Costanza (850 m)
  • Almerici Palace (850 m)
  • Rossini Theater (1.1 km)
  • Adriatic Arena (4.5 km)
  • Gradara (14.5 km)
  • Urbino (37 km)
  • San Leo (60 km)

From the boundless views of Monte San Bartolo, to the medieval villages dotting the hills to the history thatenlivens the center of Pesaro. All just a few kilometres from the hotel and easy to reach.

Would you like to receive some advice on plotting the perfect itinerary for your tastes? Contact us, we will be happy to help!

Places to discover

The surroundings of Pesaro are full of beautiful villages all to be discovered: among them stands out the splendid Urbino, not surprisingly a Unesco World Heritage Site thanks to its Renaissance historical center that still manages to offer fascinating suggestions of a distant past.

Another obligatory stop during a vacation in Pesaro is undoubtedly nearby Gradaraperhaps one of the best-preserved medieval fortified villages in Italy, dominated by a fascinating Malatesta fortress that was the site of epic battles for possession of the city but also of an unfortunate romantic story, that of the most famous pair of lovers in history, Paolo and Francesca.

About 40 kilometers from the hotel, this medieval village stands on a scenic hill.
Inside the imposing fortress you will find the historical revival museum with ancient rooms inhabited by life-size wax statues.

There are so many medieval villages in the Marche region and picturesque villages perched on hills. If you are a lover of myths and legends, the area around Pesaro is the perfect place to organise a trip. You can discover authentic gems such as Corinaldo, Frontino, Cingoli, Macerata Feltria, Monte Grimano Terme and many others!

Then don’t miss San Leo and San Marino in Romagna!

Theme Parks

The Cattolica Le Navi Aquarium is the largest aquarium on the Adriatic coast and the second largest in Italy. Inside you can admire over 3000 species of fish, including… sharks!

All just 20 kilometers from Hotel Clipper.

In Riccione, on the other hand, don’t miss the Oltremare Park, where you can discover the fascinating marine world and the secrets of the formation of Planet Earth and the evolution of life. In addition, a large dolphinarium awaits you, perfect for having fun with the little ones.

Aquafan: one of the most famous water parks in Europe.
Fun is guaranteed here between water slides, the wave pool, the slow and fast river. Have you already tried the M280, the biggest slide in Aquafan’s history?

Monte San Bartolo Natural Park
a unique place, a breathtaking view

The San Bartolo hill, with its sheer cliff overlooking the sea, paths and hairpin bends offering extraordinary panoramic views, is a unique place for all those who like to train ‘outdoors’, or simply spend some time in the midst of nature.

In the park, there is trekking, Nordic climbing and walking, mountain biking and orienteering, sup along the submountain coast, road cycling and workshops with children.

Every day, the list of activities that have the Park as a backdrop is enriched And also growing is the number of people who love to frequent its territory, beaches, trails, a real movement of lovers of San Bartolo, of people who love to experience it in every season, protect it, take pride in it.

Here at the Hotel Clipper in Pesaro we suggest some of the most special spots to enjoy the Monte San Bartolo natural park at its best.