Visiting Gradara and the Castle

an unmissable appointment that will take you to a reality of another era

In the enchanting landscape of the Marche region, you cannot miss a visit to Gradara and its Castle, a must-see appointment that will take you to a reality of other times where art and magic come together to offer unique emotions. Our hotel near Gradara will be a practical support point to set out to discover the Marche hinterland, and for getting involved in a plot that interweaves together history, literature and art.

How to get around Gradara

Hotel Clipper is a five-minute walk from the historic centre of Pesaro and just 15 km from Gradara. It only takes a few minutes by car to reach the picturesque location, which has prestigious surprises in store for the visitor. The castle stands at the highest point of the town’.

What to see in Gradara

Gradara Castle forms the centerpiece of this locality and, thanks to its history and structure, offers interesting ideas for a unique visit:

First and foremost, the Rocca di Gradara deserves to be visited for the enchanting views it affords. In addition to its panoramic position, the castle offers an imposing image: a double wall of over 800 metres encloses a magnificent courtyard overlooked by the residential palace and the almost 40-metre-high keep.

It is possible to take walks on the walls, the so-called Camminamenti di Rondamenti, in a route that will lead you to admire, from a privileged vantage point, the panorama of the Marche hinterland along the entire perimeter of the village.

The walls of Gradara Castle also guard one of the most enthralling and poignant love stories known, the one described by Dante in his Divine Comedy, which tells of the strong bond between Paolo and Francesca. It is within this very fortress, in fact, that the story of the two famous lovers was born and died tragically.

Gradara is a beautiful destination to visit at any time of the year, and offers original events, strongly linked to its Castle and the events that have featured it.

Every year, on February 14, there is Gradara d’Amare, an event dedicated to lovers with the Castle Courtyard hosting 1,000 candles (symbol of promises of love) and an engaging formula that gives lovers unforgettable emotions.

Also, in the third week of July, do not miss the Siege at the Castle, a spectacular historical re-enactment of the eternal conflict between the two families that vied for power in this area, the Montefeltro and the Malatesta. A medieval-inspired event, surrounded by splendid fireworks, street performers and themed stalls.